Lesbian love stories in FAVIS: Sonia Ghinelli and her new lover attorney Erminia Donnarumma – what about Sonia’s earlier partner Patrizia Fungi?

It has been openly known for a while, that FAVIS board member Sonia Ghinelli (active in Facebook with the pseudonym Ethan Garbo S. Germain) has a new companion, a woman whose Facebook profile is a nickname as well, Marianne Du Moramin, which is just the anagram of her true name, Erminia Donnarumma, an attorney based in Carpi, Modena.

Erminia Donnarumma aka Marianne Du Moramin

Their relation was not a mystery but rather the subject of a celebrated change in their lives, including Facebook posts showing off their new home they settled together:

Ethan & MarianneEthan & MarianneMarianne aka attorney Erminia Donnarumma did not make a mystery of this change either, even considering that both she and Sonia Ghinelli are posting in Facebook with pseudonymous personal profiles not directly or immediately traceable back to their actual identities – perhaps to feel safer in publicly writing about their relation.

Be it that or be it not, their love is nevertheless a publicly and openly expressed one.

Its lesbian aspect instead, tends to be overshadowed by the male appearance of Ghinelli’s profile Ethan Garbo S. Germain which presents itself as a man not a woman and includes “photos of self” (evidently fake) showing male figures.

The reason for such a consequently arguable shame, on the part of FAVIS’s board member Sonia Ghinelli and her lover attorney Erminia Donnarumma, of being lesbian and in an intercourse, is all but comprehensible. Especially if one considers that Ethan Garbo S. Germain aka Sonia Ghinelli acts as a strong defender of LGBT people’s rights.

Marianne Du Moramin

Besides their apparent and strange embarrass about being in love, there is a wider facet of Ghinelli and Donnarumma’s relation, that may raise even more burdening concerns.

Sonia Ghinelli created upset in the family of Fabio Alessandrini (son of FAVIS’s president Maurizio Alessandrini, allegedly his “stolen son”, upon which claim, the association was founded) when Fabio was a teenager: as the boy recounted very specifically, Ghinelli manipulated his mother Patrizia Fungi, who preferred to stay with Sonia rather than taking care of her own child. She also exploited Fungi who had accepted and housed her several years before when Sonia was going through hard times in her own life.

But now Fungi is in the worst need (no longer so young, ill and alone), Sonia has abandoned her – after falling in love with another woman, attorney Erminia Donnarumma, 5 years younger than Sonia and 17 younger than Fungi; certainly wealthier with her legal firm based in Carpi, Modena. It seemed as though Ghinelli’s earlier companion (and shelter-giver, too) Fungi was no longer of use to her, and could be just wasted away.

Someone may not be really surprised with what happened: it seems in fact that it was not the first time Sonia Ghinelli had a crush for some other (younger) woman and eventually betrayed Fungi’s affection and trust – to a point that the latter, it was told, even attempted an extreme action winding up with a hospitalization.

In order to experience her own new love adventure, Sonia Ghinelli created a new home, so left Patrizia, but not their apartment of Viale Mosca 66 in Miramare, Rimini. On the contrary, through her usufruct on that estate, she has assured a future shelter just in case anything goes wrong with her new lover attorney Erminia Donnarumma. Opportunistic, as it may appear.

Ethan & Marianne

Ethan & MarianneEthan & MarianneRather recently, Sonia Ghinelli publicly posted, from her Facebook profile Ethan Garbo S. Germain, information that may stem from the passion of her new romantic story, including the location of their new love nest and some details of it, such as the little furnished balcony that can be seen in the photo on the left here. Yet she then attempted to throw everyone off the scent, making it seem that she is not as brave as she would like us to believe.

As a matter of fact on February 28th, 2018, Sonia Ghinelli posted a series of photos tagging them as “Ethan & Marianne’s home”. These photos had been taken in Via Monte Pirolo, Cerasolo, a district in the village of Coriano, Rimini. More specifically, one of those photos showed the building located in Via Monte Pirolo 36, two more showed the one of Via Monte Pirolo 24.

Yet if one carefully looks at the balconies of the Monte Pirolo 24 building (first photo from the right, with the tiny stuffed dog on the cockpit), these would not seem to be compatible with the other photo, that is the balcony of “Ethan & Marianne’s home” as posted by Sonia Ghinelli herself from her profile.

The Monte Pirolo 36 building (second photo from the right) even has no balconies either.

To help making it all clear, or – to say so – to betray Sonia Ghinelli, a photo came, posted just by “Ethan’s” new lover Marianne (Erminia Donnarumma): it is a beautiful sunset on the Romagna hillside which provides a more accurate hint of the point where such a view could have been watched.

Ethan & Marianne

This photo clearly shows that Ghinelli and Donnarumma’s love nest is located not in Via Monte Pirolo but in Via Verga 11, Cerasolo, Coriano, Rimini. The building has a pouch-type balcony on its roof which is just the same shown in the image posted by Ethan Garbo S. Germain on April 30th, 2018, while the sunset photo posted by Marianne du Moramin may have been taken from the windows on the other side of the house.

Ethan & Marianne

There is no doubt this is the new home of the couple Sonia Ghinelli and Erminia Donnarumma: they openly stated before and it is also clearly pointed out on their door bell:

Ethan & Marianne     Ethan & Marianne

Furthermore, you may see their cars parked just close to the house fence in Via Verga 11: Ghinelli’s white Daihatsu Terios and Donnarumma’s blue Volkswagen Sharan.

Ethan & Marianne

So here is the Via Verga 11 house in which FAVIS’s board member Sonia Ghinelli and attorney Erminia Donnarumma live together, after Ghinelli decided to abandon her former companion and FAVIS colleague, Patrizia Fungi.

Ethan & Marianne

And here is Ghinelli herself, opening her home windows:

Sonia Ghinelli

And here are Erminia and Sonia having fun with their cute little dogs on the Rimini beach:

Erminia Donnarumma aka Marianne Du Moramin  Sonia Ghinelli

Years ago Fabio Alessandrini, son of FAVIS president Maurizio Alessandrini (former husband of Patrizia Fungi), when interviewed by a local TV of their zone, had described his reasons for deciding to leave his family home; as part of this, he had pointed out Sonia Ghinelli as the one actually guilty for their family upset (video here).

Fabio’s father Maurizio Alessandrini wanted to create a new life and has already separated from his wife Patrizia Fungi when Fabio was six years old. So he just abandoned their family home and left his wife and son alone. It may happen in life that two spouses wish no longer to stay together so the moment comes when such a decision is made, to separate, regardless of how tough it may be for a child aged six; some may deem that better than forcing the boy to live in a fiction love or – worse – in a cold war season.

But Fabio after that shock, had an additional one – his father went away, then Sonia Ghinelli came, lovely accepted by his mother Patrizia Fungi in their home. And with her coming, the harmony between Fabio and his mother ended. So when exasperated, Fabio decided to leave and let Ghinelli live there in his place.

But who is Sonia Ghinelli, a FAVIS board member?

In the same TV interview, Fabio Alessandrini described Sonia Ghinelli as a rather bizarre personality, dedicated to esotericism and weird rites. A ‘blood bond’ established by Ghinelli ‘for eternity’ with the young boy Fabio, was mentioned by a FAVIS member, Daniela Pasian, who was sent by Ghinelli to Fabio’s new home in an attempt to “bring him back”. But is a ‘blood bond’ a scientific tool commonly in use by ‘anti-cult’ groups like FAVIS who claim they are for rationality?

Moreover, why was Sonia Ghinelli hosted in the Santa Aquilina Charity Center, which is based at just a couple miles from “Ethan & Marianne’s home” in Cerasolo?

The Santa Aquilina Charity Center is a facility which – as its director father Nevio Faitanini properly described – “accepts not only detained people who are rehabilitating, but also persons with other types of disorders such as alcohol-addicted, drugs-addicted, former prostitutes, and so on.”

Santa Aquilina

What reasons brought FAVIS board member Sonia Ghinelli to be hosted in that facility as a young woman? Would a normal, non-troubled person ever have to be housed in such a community?

Ghinelli’s pension is an issue as well: she is nowadays just 53 years old, but she has been retired for years – which looks pretty abnormal or anomalous. Some told she suffered from an invalidating illness, but whether a psychic or physical condition, was not specified.

However the naked truth is, Sonia Ghinelli abandoned Patrizia Fungi after a long cohabitation and after Fungi had accepted and hosted and housed Ghinelli, just in the worst moment for Fungi (when she was most in need of affection and assistance), to run after her new lover attorney Erminia Donnarumma.